Atmosphere Glacier
Ricci Studio Atmosphere Glacier Wallcovering

Atmosphere Glacier

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Hand-Painted Wallcovering


Atmosphere conjures layers of billowing clouds through its hand-painted shapes, intricate linework, and delicate metallic glaze. Born from the freedom of freeform drawing, this design embodies a harmonious balance of scale and movement, crafting an undulating horizontal stripe that captures the essence of the ever-changing sky.

Sold per panel at custom length. Priced per linear foot.

Trimmed Panel Width: 50"
Panel Length: Variable
Horizontal Repeat: One Panel Width
Vertical Repeat: None

All panels come untrimmed. Untrimmed Width: 52"

Colorants: Water-Based, Non-Toxic Paints
Ground: Heavy-Duty 20oz Smooth Vinyl
Fire Rating: ASTM E84 Class A

Type II Acrylic Top Coat Available

Please refer to product sample for true color