Ricci Studio introduces a collection of wallcoverings seamlessly blending digital innovation with meticulous artisanal craftsmanship. This diverse range encompasses digitally printed patterns on fibrous, artisan-style paper and designs on commercial-grade smooth, eco-friendly grounds, earning accolades such as TEMPO's recognition at the 2022 Interior Design Best of Year Awards for Contract Wallcoverings.


The collection also features wallcoverings with hand-painted motifs and custom-fit hand-painted murals, including the award-winning WABI-SABI, honored with the Luxe RED Reader’s Choice Award for Best Wallcovering in 2022, celebrated for its incorporation of a tactile fiber paste texture.


Inspired by modern and abstract art, Liane Ricci's designs boast boldly graphic shapes and motifs, often on a larger scale than traditional options. Notable pieces include more literal themes like a painterly floral pattern and the silk-printed mural of trees, BOSCO, recognized as an Interior Design Best of Year Honoree for Fabric Wallcoverings in 2023, providing a more direct interpretation.


Each creation reflects Liane Ricci's unmistakable artistic vision, and the wallpapers are highly customizable, empowering interior designers to curate colors that resonate with their unique vision. As the driving force behind Ricci Studio, Liane Ricci envisions a future where the collection continuously evolves, connecting with the spirit of expressive art and offering options that transform each space into something uniquely special. Rooted in the artist's home, the brand promises a transformative journey through innovative design and personalized aesthetics.



Liane Ricci's art and wallcoverings are a testament to her diverse artistic background and continuous exploration of various mediums. Initially trained in disciplines such as ceramics, sculpture, illustration, and lithography, Ricci's artistic journey eventually led her to the world of painting, where she found early success on the East Coast.

Her paintings, showcased in galleries in New York and Los Angeles, reflect a rich tapestry of influences and experiences. From her time in the New York gallery scene to contributing her skills to creating costumes for Broadway, opera, circus, and ballet productions, Ricci's art encompasses a broad spectrum of styles and techniques.

The evolution of her artistic practice took a significant turn when she delved into digital media and textile design, leading to her role as the Lead Designer for a boutique West Hollywood rug and carpet showroom. This experience laid the groundwork for EVOLVE Textiles, a venture where she created a comprehensive collection of fabric prints and wallcoverings.

Inspired by her studies in Vittorio Veneto, Italy, where she explored fresco painting alongside a master restoration artist for The Vatican, Ricci's art and wallcoverings gained a new dimension. This transformative experience led her to shift her focus from traditional artworks to luxury wallcoverings and artful murals.

Ricci's unique perspective is further reflected in her wallpaper collection, which she continued to refine after relocating to Western North Carolina. The establishment of the Ricci Studio brand and her eponymous art studio in Durham marked a significant milestone in her career, garnering recognition and representation in high-end design showrooms across the country.

In essence, Liane Ricci's art and wallcoverings are a fusion of her formal education, diverse experiences, and a commitment to creating unique, customized designs that transcend traditional boundaries. The influence of her artistic journey, from paintings to textiles and wallcoverings, is evident in the rich and varied tapestry of her creative output.




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