Tempo Adagio
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Tempo Adagio

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Printed Wallpaper 


Winner of Interior Design’s Best of Year 2022 for Contract Wallcovering


Visual tempo in an artwork is created using shapes, color, light, texture, and space, allowing the viewer’s eye to flow around the composition. Rich, modern palettes meet bold jigsaw-like composition in this rhythmic composition. Digitally printed on a soft, PVC free commercial ground.

⁃ Digitally printed using UV gel inks
⁃ 100% PVC Free, SuperSmooth Type II Commercial Ground
- Sold per panel at custom height

Each panel is identical and measures 50”W after trim. As the panel length increases, artwork is added equally to the top and bottom of the design. This is a Reverse Hang design, where every other panel is rotated 180° to create a complete mural design.  

Fire-rated ASTM-E84 Class A
All of our wallpapers are made to order

Please refer to product sample for true color