Riverbed Amethyst
Riverbed Amethyst

Riverbed Amethyst

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Riverbed is about movement and came about through an exploration of technique. The original artwork was created using a technique of painting fluid acrylic glazes on a wood panel and allowing the liquid to flow and overlap down the surface like water. The painting was then scanned, digitally deconstructed, and then reassembled to achieve a geometric pattern. The name ‘Riverbed’ is a direct reflection of the design’s fluid nature.

Digitally printed using UV gel inks

Ground: Fibrous non-woven natural sisal flax paper

Repeat height: 27"

Repeat width: 27"

Untrimmed width: 30"

Trimmed width: 27" 

Sold by the yard. 8 yard minimum.

FSC Certified ensuring responsible use of forest resources

Fire-rated ASTM-E84 Class A

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