Work with Liane

Hand-Painted Muralpapers

Murals are vibrant or subtle, bold or delicate. Whether for a feature wall in a home or larger installation for a restaurant, murals transform a space with the feel of stepping into an immersive work of art.

My murals are hand-painted on Type II paper panels in my studio and are easily shipped. Based on the details of your space, I will suggest compositions and colors, and create a CAD visualization. We will take many factors into account, including the surface of your walls and the best paper for the project. The end-result is unique, custom artwork, installed with care and minimal disruption. Learn more here.


If you would like to view available paintings in person, I offer visits by-appointment at the studio located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Also, be sure to sign up for my mailing list below to be notified of upcoming gallery exhibits and pop-up shows.

Perhaps a commissioned painting will be the best solution for your space. Paintings can be created on stretched canvas, wood panels, or paper, for just about any custom size. We can use an existing piece as inspiration, or create something completely new. We'll discuss the desired colors, and details about the room, including existing furniture, textiles, and finishes. A commissioned work of art is extremely personal, and can be one of the most exciting elements of your decor. 


Joining creative forces is a powerful venture! I have collaborated with designers and manufacturers on a wide range of projects including rugs, furniture, textiles, fine art, fashion, costumes, and of course, wallpaper. I have different approaches for every end-product, and use a combination of hand-sketching and software to communicate ideas and execute the final designs. We will work as a team to establish goals, and combine our artistic visions to deliver dynamic and innovative projects. Oh! The possibilities!