Murals are vibrant or subtle, bold or delicate. Whether for a feature wall in a home or larger installation for a restaurant, murals transform a space with the feel of stepping into an immersive work of art. My murals are hand-painted on Type II paper panels in my studio and are easily shipped. Based on the details of your space, I will suggest compositions and colors, and create a CAD visualization. We will take many factors into account, including the surface of your walls and the best paper for the project. The end-result is unique, custom artwork, installed with care and minimal disruption.

Wallmural panels are totally customized, and are sold by the square foot. The width of each panel will be determined by the overall size of your installation, but will generally measure no greater than 4 feet. I use a combination of fine-art materials and traditional house paints in my painted mural panels. Brands such as Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore ensure the highest quality and durability,  and allow for reliable color-matching. Additional metallic acrylic glazes are often added, giving a quality that you just can't achieve with traditional printing processes.

I offer a variety of grounds that are suitable for residential or commercial applications, including eco-friendly options such as a scrim-backed, smooth paper that is Type II compliant, as well as PVC-free non-wovens, and peel-and-stick removables. The type of paper will be determined by the nature of the space (residential or commercial), and the texture of the wall (smooth primed/painted, lightly textured drywall/plaster, lightly textured orange peel, or lightly textured knock-down).

Please contact the studio to inquire about pricing. You will receive a quote for your project based on the design, the application, and the approximate square feet you require.