"I’m fascinated by color relationships and the tension between form and line in painting. An alluring use of color can invigorate and emphasize a fanciful quality, creating works that are both timeless and contemporary. With this current series, I explore opposites in structure; while color and shape may reference 1960s Modern Art and the age of Pop painting, playful brushwork pays homage to more Abstract Expressionist traditions. I use areas of block color and precise lines against drips and paint-rolling techniques, playing with rigid graphic themes alongside more fluid, intuitive ones. I want the eye to travel, finding areas of rest and chaos alike."  - Liane Ricci
  • Viaduct
  • Jester ( sold )
  • Tumble ( sold )
  • The Rumbling ( sold )
  • Median
  • The Bridgekeeper
  • Twist Route
  • Up in Arms
  • Early Apex
  • Plane Division ( sold )
  • Indicator
  • Curve of Intersection ( sold )
  • Chutes and Ladders