I’m fascinated by color relationships and the tension between forms in painting. An alluring use of color can invigorate and emphasize a fanciful quality, creating works that are both timeless and contemporary. With this current series, I explore opposites in structure. While the use of color, shape, and form may reference 1960s Modern Art and the age of Pop painting, playful brushwork pays homage to more Abstract Expressionist traditions. I use block areas of solid color and precise line work against drips and paint-rolling techniques, playing with precise graphic themes and more fluid, intuitive ones. I want the eye to travel around the painting, finding areas of rest and chaos alike, in a balanced composition. - Liane Ricci

  • Curve of Intersection
  • The Rumbling
  • The Bridgekeeper
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Plane Division
  • Between Wind and Water
  • Early Apex
  • Twist Route
  • 2018 Small Series #1
  • 2018 Small Series #3
  • 2018 Small Series #4
  • 2018 Small Series #5
  • 2018 Small Series #6
  • Rapt
  • Nebula
  • Jet Stream